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Step 1

compose your email pitch – A short description of your pitch to convince someone to invest in your business

Step 2

Once the email is done – choose your distribution plan and volume.

Step 3

Follow up and track your email`s performance via the user profile

Make the most of your pitch

The next time you pitch an investor , your pitch should send the following message:

Make your email concise.

Getting a response is more important than convincing someone to invest in your start-up.

One punch knock-out

A single line that explains the value proposition of your start-up in the best way possible should be included.

It's all in the grip

Revenue traction is achieved when a business discovers a repeatable, financially sustainable at scale process for revenue growth - make sure to describe yours.

Bring home the bacon

Entrepreneurs should not be afraid to seek the money they need. Be straightforward about the amount you need to raise.

Explore our pitch tips page

Visit our easy-to-follow pitch tips page to find out more actionable tips, nail your introduction and make a lasting impression.

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‍Remember: You can always elaborate in the pitch deck. Don`t forget use the attach option if necessary.

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