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Gettting noticed by Professional investors is hard.
Angel investors and VCs normally get pitched by a lot of different companies and indviduels, daily. Investors are looking for a business that the founders are fully committed to, and that has a realistic business plan. Convincing investors that your business fits into this category is hard. Therefore, getting a positive reply with each campign can get quite occasional. However, we have set up this service for this puprse exactly.
We make everything possible to make sure you get your message to the right people. This takes a lot of effort and knowhow on our part – therefore we cannot issue a refund if you get no replays.

Requesting a refund – You must meet both criteria below for a refund to be considered:



We are constantly curating and carefully selecting the right contacts – and will continue to do so to ensure every one of them is relevant to our services. In addition, we use the latest email and big data technologies to validate our contacts are getting your precious pitch. Each campaign enables you to explore your email campaign metrics.


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