How to Connect with Start-up Investors Online

How to Connect with Start-up Investors Online

Your ability to find and convince investors to be a part of your business remains a crucial factor that can influence your company’s success. A couple of effective strategies are all you need to cross this one off your bucket list. This post will be sharing tips on how you can connect with investors online. Are there specific things you can do to find investors online? 

The internet is your gateway to the world. It brings your business closer to potential investors. But, the question is – what must you do to get potential investors to buy into your business idea? Here are some ways to get investors onboard your business. 


Look for private investors

Private investors simply refer to a group of people who are ready to invest in business opportunities, in return for equity within the said company. Private investors fall into 2 categories, namely Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. 

Angel Investors – These are individuals with lots of disposable funds, looking for a promising company they can invest in. These guys invest their hard-earned money into any business and ask for equity in return. The beautiful thing about this set of investors is that their investment in any company is for the long haul. It is not a short-term thing. 

Venture Capitalists – Venture capitalists provide companies with the necessary funding, with the hope that they will be offered special privileges by the company. Some of those privileges might include a position as one of the company’s BOD, an equity stake, or a portion of the profits made by the company in the future. 


Applying for small business administration loans

The SBA or Small Business Administration loan is a government intervention program designed to help small businesses with funds in the form of loans. These outfits are not directly involved in issuing the loan. What they do is that they stand as a link or connector between the applying business and the lender. 

With their intervention, the business is sure of having a good interest rate and comfortable repayment terms. Apart from assisting you with the necessary funding, SBA can also assist you with information that will enable you to develop and grow your business into a bigger venture. 


Leverage equity financing options

There are lots of investors looking for business opportunities where they can put their money in, with the condition that they get a share of the company. These are referred to as equity financing options. 

The truth is that offering a fraction or percentage of your infant company to an investor may not sound as an appealing offer at first sight. However, be rest assured that it is a quick way to raise funds, and give your product the necessary market exposure. It is easy to find such investors online without looking too hard. Makes connecting with investors online as easy as it gets.