What Makes an Investor Pitch Great?

What Makes an Investor Pitch Great?

Your pitch is the most significant part of obtaining funding. Yet, in its presentation, first impressions matter. It’s not enough to create the perfect funding strategy or carry all the glossy presentation materials.

A punchy, almost infectious teaser helps to break the ice and catch the imagination. While it’s a nerve-wracking moment, talking fearlessly and confidently about your vision can help yield desirable results. Here’s how to nail that investor pitch: 

  • Do Your Homework Before D-day

The perfect pitch is both specific and detailed. This includes an in-depth understanding of your investors and what they need. Are your investors in the form of individuals with an impressive net worth or a group of venture capitalists? You have to tailor your pitch based on the type of investors. Check out these tips:

  •  Venture capitalists are often thorough. They are detail-oriented and primarily focus on math. Since they will write your check on behalf of another group of investors, they are alert, intelligent, and keen on details. Present a pitch with all the info, including SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.) analysis. Have the metrics on the ready, providing the numbers behind the numbers and not leaving anything to chance.
  •  Individual investors, also known as angel investors, operate solely. Unlike group investors, these are quick in their decision-making. Yet you also have to convince them with a robust and compelling pitch. Focus more on the bigger picture, which is the enormous potential of your brand. Describe the product demands and how you stand to grab market share.


  • Bring Along Suitable Materials

The proper documentation describes your business model and how you can turn it into a thriving business. If you have an example of a booming industry that resembles your business model, describe it with a few bullet points. Some of the critical questions your pitch can answer include:

  •  What you intend to sell
  •  To whom will you sell
  •  What distribution channels to use
  •  How much will your customers pay
  •  What payment methods to use
  • Describe Your Credentials

Every investor wants to know if you have the right qualifications, skills, and experience to run your brand. Take the chance to explain your training, license status, and how well you can handle the daily demands of your business. Please talk about your team and their credentials, too. Detail your operational and management style.

  • Amp Up on Your Communication Skills

 A typical pitch might take about 10 to 20 minutes. You can effortlessly reel in your potential funders if you utilize the time well. A good pitch has everyone grasping your model. Steer clear of acronyms and tech speech. Instead, use clear, simple language that people understand. And finally, keep your pitch short, thought-provoking, and to the point. 


Please remember, investors are people first, before ideas. So, eliminate all the fear, uncertainty, and nervousness. Instead, demonstrate your product, how it works, and its vast potential on the market. Toot your accomplishments and let everyone know that you and your team can successfully run the business model.

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